Some of my favorite internet days were the livejournal and everyone has a(n active) personal blog site somewhere. I’d like to get there again.


Hugo is a static site generator written in GoLang. It’s documented sortof well, and while the folks who respond in the forum seem grumpy and not entirely able to grok the questions, there’s a fair amount of knowledge there. And a ton of ‘how I made my blog’ blog posts.

I’m not likely to write much about the basics of setting up a hugo managed blog, beyond saying: you don’t need a theme, and the quickstart doc steers you so the wrong way.

Blagging tools

Here’s what I do want to document, for my own reference as well as to share, the scripts and processes around hugo that I’m using to keep friction low.

Where posts start

I’m likely to start writing in a handful place:

  • NValt, using NotePlan’s icloud notes drive as it’s backend
  • NotePlan, on my phone and laptop
  • Byword, on my phone and laptop
  • Sublime Text
  • Drafts, on my phone

I know that’s a crazy amount of places, but they’re all places that I write notes to self (nvalt,noteplan), save code snippets (nvalt), write longform thoughts (byword, subl), and drafts is where (I’m trying) to start all text on my phone.

From Here to There: a dotted line wandering all over the neighborhood

In all of these cases, I end up with a markdown formatted file on a disk. So we have a solid common starting point.

What I don’t have is:

  • hugo friendly front matter
  • git process for updating the repo
  • a publishing script (ideally automagical)


  • How do NotePlan, NValt, Byword cope with frontmatter?
  • git hook to publish on master update

Useful References

Deployment with Rsync