I need to do some script-y magic to collect these each week or two, but today I’m stuck on a plane without internet but Drafts has all my random saved links synced.

Milk Crates!
I love tedium for random deep dive essays on random shouldn’t be interesting but totally are subjects.
On Moving Fast and Breaking Things
The focus should be on the doing it well; in the time it takes to do; rather that a self destructive focus on speed over all else.
Farms aren’t tossing perfectly good produce. You are. - The Washington Post
On these weird ugly food box services.
Robert Smith and the perky interviewer
This made me laugh
The Momo challenge is a hoax. But the online culture and financial rewards that made it seem feasible are scary.
This didn’t make me laugh.
The official fast food French fry power rankings - Los Angeles Times
This dude is not to be trusted, his idea of good is ‘so salted that it burns’. 5 guys fries are possibly the worst things in the world, followed only by their burgers. The fries at In-n-Out on the other hand are fresh, tasty, and hot.