A New Hope Beginning

Here begins the documenting of my attempts at both staying current and relevant in the rapidly changing world of operations. Devops is the new thing. I am a bit of an old guard BOFH, even if I never quite bought into the BOFH attitude.

Blarggy Blahg

This blog runs on octopress (itself a ‘framework’ running atop jekyll), pretty much bog standard. I like that I’m using my current fav text editor (Sublime Text) rather than a web based text entry window.

Things I’m hoping to gain by this:

  • comfort with writing in markdown
  • more interaction with ruby
  • noodling for the sake of noodling.


So, yeah, this devops thing. It’s interesting, I’m excited by it, and challenged to step up my scripting/coding chops.

Also, I’m trying to move a very old school dev vs ops culture to more of a devops style place. I’ll be documenting that attmept here too.